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Accelerating the construction of projects promoting education for the benefit


Waste management is the basis of education is also the largest projects. On July 22, the district, the Di…

Enlarging built a global model of Faw-Volkswagen factory


Rufu Dragon spring temperatures have risen sharply, major projects didn't slow down.In the open area,…

Longquan first experienced commercial complex Foundation


Yesterday morning, Xin Cheng gong bei Lu, Wu Yue square long held a grand ceremony. As my first experienc…

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About Longquanyi

 Longquanyi district is located in the eastern margin of the Chengdu Plain, Longquan mountains on the West side, the region covers an area of 556 square kilometers, the resident population of 809,400, administered 4 streets, 7 towns and 1 Township, Chengdu modern mega-Center was approved by the State Council the Deputy in the East of the city centre and central city East to the central subjec…Learn More

Investment climate

First, favorable geographical location

Longquanyi district, Chengdu, Chengdu-Chongqing economic zone is a core growth pole "bridgehead", is the main function of tianfu district, is home to the State-level economic and technological development zone in Chengdu. From the center of Chengdu city 10 minutes, from shuangliu international airport in Chengdu railway Logistics Center and a 20-minute drive from Chengdu to Chongqing municipality, East China, South China must pass through, known as the "Eastern Sichuan Yi," said.

Second, convenient transportation

Here has Chengdu "East railway station" integra…