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Longquanyi district is located in the eastern margin of the Chengdu Plain, Longquan mountains on the West side, the region covers an area of 556 square kilometers, the resident population of 809,400, administered 4 streets, 7 towns and 1 Township, Chengdu modern mega-Center was approved by the State Council the Deputy in the East of the city centre and central city East to the central subject of development, is an important part of tianfu, Chengdu (national) economic and technological development zone is located.

In 2014, completed gross area 94.46 billion yuan, an increase of 12.7%; above-scale industrial added value grew by 15.5%; 40.55 billion yuan of fixed assets investment; fiscal revenues of 22.19 billion yuan, public budget income of 5.84 billion yuan, respectively 21%, 20.9%; total retail sales of consumer goods of 10.21 billion yuan, an increase of 10.9%; per capita disposable income of urban residents 29799, farmers ' per capita net income of 15649 Yuan, Grow 10.4%, 11%; urban registered unemployment 2.4%; million GDP energy consumption fell 1.8%.

Longquanyi, are a fast traffic, gridlocked city. Longquanyi district is located in the comprehensive transportation hub of Chengdu in Western China areas has always been portals for Chengdu, Sichuan and Chongqing of WWII was bridgehead on the Chengdu-Chongqing economic corridor. The District Government is located 12 kilometers from Chengdu, from shuangliu international airport is 28 km away from Chengdu railway station 8 km East from Chengdu in the planning of the second airport is 36 km, Line 2 subway to downtown Chengdu. Territory three loop, and around city high-speed road, and Cheng Longlu, and Yi are Avenue, and Cheng Luolu, Avenue and Chengdu downtown close connected, Sichuan Expressway high-speed, and cheer Yu high-speed, and Cheng-Nan high-speed, and into Yu railway, and into Kun railway wear border and had, East joint double airport, North received qingbaijiang international railway container logistics center, various traffic can fast achieved connection received and conversion, can fast into national highway network, and high-speed railway network and Chengdu Metro network. Currently, outreach in the initial formation of channel dense, smooth, into rivers and the sea, an integrated transportation system.

Longquanyi, is an industry-developed, the economic prosperity of the city. In accordance with the "main" industrial layout, and longquanyi district (open area, Chengdu) focus on the development of automobile, spare parts and engineering machinery industry. Currently, has built has Faw mass, and Faw Toyota, and Faw designed steam, and Faw bus, and Geely car, and Volvo car, and big shipped car, and ruihuate electric, and Japan God steel, and France herrenknecht, and China South car, car whole car, and machine project and Faw mass engine, and Bosch chassis, and Johnson Interior, car host and the key parts project, success built has annual millions of whole car of production platform. By 2020, the planning capacity of 2 million units, the planned output of 1.5 million units, automotive industry from small to big, from weak to strong, single variety, low end to the high end of the fast-growing, initially formed a set of car manufacturing, car trade, car entertainment as one of the modern automobile industry cluster. In 2014, the Chengdu economic development zone (longquanyi district) the year vehicle (machine) production 905,000, 23.3%, to bring the whole car (machine) 107.45 billion yuan of business revenue, growth, 18.9%, promoted to billions on stage for the first time.

Longquanyi, is a beautiful, harmonious and livable cities. Longquanyi district, plain and the mountainous area of 50%, an average of 520 meters above sea level, is the "national ecological demonstration area", was named by the State Department "China town of peach", is the mountain scenic area in Sichuan province and Sichuan province, five new tourism "two lakes" area of the scenic area. Millennium ancient temple Stone Temple hometown Longquan Lake, beautiful scenery, peach blossom, luodai, Ming Shu ling and other well-known scenic interpretation of history civilization and the beauty of modern civilization, culture, tourism, trade and logistics, headquarters, research and development, exhibition Expo is a potential win.

Longquanyi, is a dynamic, innovative and open city. Within State-level economic and technological development zone, Chengdu, Sichuan province, the first State-level economic and technological development zone industrial park, national electronic components, as well as new industry demonstration base of industrialization. Chengdu by open district according to "only into a door, and only find a people, and do finished all thing" of service concept and associate militarization decision, and five-star service, has cumulative introduced from Germany, and Sweden, and United States, and Japan, and Canada, and Australia, and Hong Kong, Macao and, more than 30 multiple national and area more than 600 multiple project into district construction, built production project more than 500 more than, including Germany mass, and Japan Toyota, and Sweden Volvo, and United States Caterpillar, and Japan Kobe business steel, World 500 strong enterprise and Faw group, and space group, and soldiers loaded group, and Geely group, Baosteel Group, COFCO, vanke, Poly, green spaces, initiative and other well-known companies.

Current and future a period, longquanyi district, will in-depth implement party of 18 big spirit, according to provincial "two of" interactive, and and manpower urban and rural and municipal build West economic core growth very, and "five Daxing city strategy" of deployment, insisted "since added pressure, and stability in the fast into, and leading development, and more do contribution" of work tone, to build "world level car industry city" and "international life quality city", best speed up construction "three most" longquanyi (that construction most can support "world level, and trillion level of international high-end industry base" of "Car longquanyi"; most can reflected "modern of city form, and high-end of of city industry State, and features of of City Paper State, and beautiful of of city ecological" four State one of "pastoral longquanyi"; most can adapted people increasingly growth of material and culture needs, and "should be industry should be business should be home" of "happiness longquanyi"), full promoted whole car scale economic, and tianfu district construction, and and manpower urban and rural development, and fumin Huimin better Le people, achieved new breakthrough, race Dang tianfu district "pioneer", and "in the goose competing fly" bar-headed geese, Push forward economic, political, cultural, social and ecological civilization construction, core to Chengdu to build the Western economy contribute to growth.

Dragon day, a propitious omen; Jinquan inrush current, merged into the sea!

Welcome to thrived Longquan, invest and place welcomes you!


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