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Accelerating the construction of projects promoting education for the benefit


Waste management is the basis of education is also the largest projects. On July 22, the district, the District Director of Management Committee of He Xun team research education infrastructure project, coordination and West Creek in the downtown area construction part of the project, stressed the need to solve each degree constraints on demand issues, and accelerate the construction of educational projects, to promote "education benefiting key actions". Vice Mayor Liu di to participate in research.

New kindergarten site the science? How primary school expansion project? With questions, the scorching sun, He Xun, every field of each project to see every plot, every patch, difficulties and problems in the project individually solved, site implementation responsibilities.

Standing in hongling Road opposite the Opera community space, spread out the drawing point He Xun, search planning, and his staff repeatedly discussing the new kindergarten project selection oblige departments to act quickly, scientific planning and design, and come up with specific implementation plans as soon as possible, speed up the construction of public and public kindergartens, effectively solve the difficult problem of kindergarten-age children around.

West Creek Elementary School, West River the two small, went ahead He Xun led, view school expansion site along the path of the status quo. "Where to put more science? Scale can be built to meet actual requirements? "Sweat-soaked clothes, He Xun always adhere to the field survey, field studies," population growth, degree increases slow, we must accelerate the project, for urban and rural masses to enjoy better educational resources more equitably. ”

Research at the end of He Xun education infrastructure projects held under the auspices of ACC to address project siting, planning, demolition, and elements of security and other issues. He Xun stressed, education is based livelihood, more is big livelihood, levels the related sector to effective enhanced work sense and urgency, take powerful measures, strong advance education based facilities project construction; to in-depth practice line "three depending on three asked" masses work method, science planning, and strictly regulatory, effective speed up education based facilities construction, vigorously improved and upgrade running conditions; to strengthening coordination tie, strengthened supervision, speed up work rhythm, solid advance "education Huimin storming action", benefit Longquan urban and rural people.

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