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Enlarging built a global model of Faw-Volkswagen factory


Rufu Dragon spring temperatures have risen sharply, major projects didn't slow down.

In the open area, invested more than $ 2 billion worth of four-phase Chengdu plant for Faw-Volkswagen is speeding up, and added a three-in-one product line new paint shop, namely PVC line, finish line and wax filling lines, and a lot of equipment and fixtures, meet the needs of 150,000 cars to increase capacity.

"The project focuses on one of the paint shop, using the existing phase III workshop, in the new partition, to separate the phase III and phase IV, within the original building and construction related production and auxiliary rooms. "Related principals said that assembly plant is also focusing on building content, local transformation to the production line at the same time, new part assembly equipment, testing equipment, tools and fixtures, electrical inspection devices. Reporters saw the original assembly plant has already been extended, increasing the logistics area, expansion of the unloading area of the canopy.

Longquan industrial planning goal, no doubt the leading enterprises such as Faw-Volkswagen put forward higher requirements of the development. General Manager of Faw-VW's directors, said Zhang Pijie, whether it is the vehicle or engine, the Chengdu base for Faw-Volkswagen production to achieve major breakthroughs in the future. It is a challenge for the Chengdu base system is also a test. Sales results show that in the first half of this year, Faw-VW has the confidence and ability to achieve challenging goals.

From Faw-Volkswagen's latest data show that the first half of this year, Faw-VW Volkswagen brand new cars sold 540,000 units. "Dragon spring" Jetta to sell 150,000, sagitar sold 135,000 vehicles. Jetta, sagitar share is above 25%. With the production release of the Chengdu base and supporting industries, Faw-VW will unlock more potential for my upgrade of the auto industry and economic development, and inject more energy.

The Chengdu base for Faw-Volkswagen Foundation on May 8, 2009, built in three phases. First and second phase of the project covers a total area of 810,000 square meters, on October 13, 2011 and completed and commissioned. In 2012, the plant capacity with one or two full releases, daily output has reached 1000. Three projects with a total investment of 7.2 billion yuan, on January 16, 2013 completion. The completion of phase III, marking the Southwest base of Faw-VW's build, the base annual production capacity to 540,000 units.

On April 15, 2014, the Chengdu base total production reached 1 million units. From 2009 to 2014, the Southwest base finished in only 5 years time millions of vehicle production, Faw-Volkswagen in Changchun, base of the first 1 million vehicles with a 12-year period. Behind such a striking contrast was Faw-Volkswagen plant construction model with great success and rapid development of system capacity.

Chengdu factory can produce class a, A0, b grade, hybrid and four-wheel-drive sedan. Strict application of Germany Volkswagen Group, the most complete plant construction standards and the principle of reasonable perfect plant construction, and the Faw-Volkswagen in Changchun passenger car plant and Audi digital assembly line construction experience, the Chengdu base in areas such as project management, construction and technological level, walk in the forefront of the domestic and international car industry.

The implementation of phase IV expansion, creates and drives also include parts of Park and Logistics Park, a complete industry chain development, and will promote the region's auto industry entered a rapid development track.

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