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Longquan first experienced commercial complex Foundation


Yesterday morning, Xin Cheng gong bei Lu, Wu Yue square long held a grand ceremony. As my first experience in the area of commercial complexes, Wu Yue of 700,000 square meters square, long Quan business, will become the new benchmark. Fu Yonglin, Deputy Mayor attended and delivered a speech. Zhang Xiuhua, Deputy Secretary General of the municipal government, district Party Committee Assistant Deputy Secretary, Chang, Director of the economic development zone management Committee of He Xun, Deputy Secretary of the District Committee of Ren Wenyu, co-President of Metro holdings Zhicheng Liang Chen Maolu and district leadership, Wang Shibin, Zheng Tiannan attended.

Future holdings in March this year to settle in Longquan, only 95 days to complete planning, design, and other preliminary procedure, started construction on schedule, hit a new record of investment and construction of commercial complex in our region. Wuyue square will bring a covered in Longquan international studios, large commercial, catering, discount KTV, a children's theme park, appliance Center, fun city is one of the one-stop consumer Center. In addition, the commercial complex Union of more than more than 200 well-known brands, ZARA, HM, international fashion brands and global chain restaurants such as McDonald's, Starbucks, Longquan community for modern life.

Fu Yonglin congratulated the city Wu Yue square started, thanks to future holdings to actively participate in the development of Chengdu. He said in his speech, Chengdu are centered around "build core growth pole in the West" strategy, vigorously implement the "five Daxing strategy", focus on creating the global rate of comparative advantage, the national advantage, advantage of high-end modern international metropolis in the West. Longquanyi in Chengdu economic development led, bridgehead on the Chengdu-Chongqing economic corridor, is a core function of tianfu high-end manufacturing industries, the economic comprehensive strength ranked the first in the province. Select city Wu Yue square in Chengdu Longquan, caught a rare development opportunity, promise. Longquanyi district, municipal government and will provide quality services, to create an excellent investment environment, Chengdu city Wu Yue square for its early completion, inject fresh vitality into the regional economy and the transformation and upgrading of the city.

Zhicheng Liang, Cheng Wu Yue square in Shanghai, Suzhou, Changzhou and other access to strategic success, this year to enter the country "the forth town" in Chengdu, Wu Yue 14th new City Plaza fell nationwide address longquanyi, is the Crown future holdings jumped again. Project as a future holdings of Western strategy in Chengdu, Southwest's core strategy, so as to boost new explore new markets, strengthening future holdings of the national territory. Longquanyi has better investment and environment, new fast successful start construction without strong support from local government and quality services, we are confident that with determination, creating the longquanyi, Chengdu city Wu Yue Plaza new business models, to speed up the "two cities" due contribution to the building.

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