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First, favorable geographical location

Longquanyi district, Chengdu, Chengdu-Chongqing economic zone is a core growth pole "bridgehead", is the main function of tianfu district, is home to the State-level economic and technological development zone in Chengdu. From the center of Chengdu city 10 minutes, from shuangliu international airport in Chengdu railway Logistics Center and a 20-minute drive from Chengdu to Chongqing municipality, East China, South China must pass through, known as the "Eastern Sichuan Yi," said.

Second, convenient transportation

Here has Chengdu "East railway station" integrated traffic hub and Chengdu Highway Logistics Center, and Chengdu Highway port; through Shanghai Yung high-speed can up Wuhan, and Shanghai, Central East important center city, through HA Yung high-speed can up Xiamen, and North Sea, South important port city; into Yu railway, and into Kun railway freight line, and around city high-speed, and second around city, and Sichuan Expressway high-speed, and cheer Yu high-speed, and into Yu city inter railway, important outside joint channel extending in all directions; into Los Avenue, and Yi are Avenue, and Jackie Chan Avenue, and tianfu district freight Avenue, and Metro Line 2 line, and Metro Line 4 line covered with modern transportation networks, such as vertical and horizontal. Longquan into rivers and the sea for the economic development of logistics systems developed and convenient public transport.

Third, a solid economic base

In 2014, the total gross area of 94.46 billion yuan, accounting for nearly one-tenth of the city's total economic output, the highest in the city's first, will take the lead in moving billions of clubs of the County economy in the province. 40.55 billion yuan of fixed assets investment, financial revenues of 22.19 billion yuan, the tertiary industry added value of 14.8 billion yuan, the total retail sales of social consumer goods 10.21 billion yuan, County Economic comprehensive strength continued in the province, the city's front row.

Chengdu economic development zone of auto vehicles and construction machinery output totaled 905,000 vehicles, vehicle production 897,000 units, total vehicle production of 95.2% of the 71.5%, the city's vehicle production. Vehicle and machine income 107.45 billion yuan billions of steps for the first time; auto parts industry main business revenue of 26 billion yuan. Opened by the district's comprehensive strength ranked the State-level economic and technological development zone, Chengdu 25th, 48 state-level economic and technological development zone in the West 2nd.

Volkswagen, Toyota, more than more than 60 Fortune 500 companies such as COFCO, China CSR, 40 listed companies such as Hisense, Longquan provides strong industry support services.

Four, improving infrastructure and supporting

Full district existing 500kV, and 220kV, and 110kV substation total 8 seat, "Twelve-Five" planning construction the type substation 32 seat; gas tube network full cover, day lost distribution gas capacity total 4.7 million cubic metres, "Twelve-Five" Planning added day lost distribution gas capacity 4.5 million cubic metres; territory around has Sichuan University, and University, University, has by open district experiment middle school, and primary school and foreign language experiment primary school, obligations school; has West hospital, and Chengdu military General Hospital, three methyl hospital. Jinjiang hotel, Hilton Hotel and other five-star hotel, Ito-Yokado, Wanda Plaza Shopping Plaza gathered Liang Yu ling Wan, China resources in Phoenix, poly 198 and other upscale mature communities luodai large tourist attractions such as hometown, peach, the Panda base.

Five vast investment prospects

Longquanyi district covers an area of 558 square kilometers, the resident population of 1.1 million people, with all kinds of talent more than 300,000 people, including from the United States, and Germany, and Japan, nearly 500 foreign experts. In 2014, the gross regional product per capita above $ 10,000, urban residents ' per capita disposable income and rural per capita net income reached 29,800 Yuan, 15,600 Yuan, the consumer market has great potential.

According to "South made, and North trade, and in the clothing" of development layout, in Longquan southern and North part tablets district planning about 133 square kilometers, focus development car development manufacturing, and engineering mechanical, high-end manufacturing, to construction "world level car industry city"; in Longquan of North planning 62 square kilometers, development construction Chengdu international car Expo city, speed up development car exhibition, and used cars trading, and parts procurement, car trade Expo industry; central planning 45 square kilometers of production life supporting district, focus development Headquarters economic, and Producer services such as financial services, insurance, e-commerce, speeding up development of urban complex, high-end education medical, hotel and catering, consumer services, focus on building modern service system with unique featured in Longquan.

Six, good-Government environment

Longquan is United Nations authority institutions evaluation of "multinational best investment district", has associate military of of do decision system and five-star hotel service system, implemented "only find a people, and not spent a points money, and do finished all thing" of investment service mechanism, around "is committed to building international business economic environment, is committed to building knowledge circle, is committed to building China West policy SAR, is committed to building standardized service type Government, is committed to building modern career technology talent Highland", efforts create "do program most simple, and Do lowest-cost, highest efficiency efficiency "of investment and development environment.